4Sync_forPMAre you a project manager or just planning to become one in future? Check out the fresh article in the “4 Pros” section to learn more about major benefits of using 4Sync in your job.

Management Mobility

As a project manager, you may need to attend numerous business trips and meetings in addition to resolving numerous in-office tasks.

A 1TB 4Sync account enables you to synchronize updates in the documentation between all devices and keep the project momentum going, even while being away.

Planning, Prioritization & Delegation

No matter if you work with a small, or a large group of specialists as a project manager, it is crucial to align across your entire team across project planning and communication schedules.

How to do that? Store and share plans and schedules at 4Sync with your team members and have them automatically notified about the upload/update. You may also add a message to files, while sharing, to keep everyone aware of the latest changes.

Similarly, you can delegate tasks to each team member and further discuss them without sending multiple emails or arranging face-to-face meetings.

Keeping up with Deadlines

You can easily track and analyze the performance of different product versions directly within a shared 4Sync account, which improves your team collaboration.

As a result, you can successfully develop upgraded iterations, present them in DEMOs and/or release the final product, regardless of how short the deadlines are.

Extra data security Either you are managing an in-house or an outsource project, it is vital to keep all confidential data safe.

Using the “Protect Password” option for folders in your highly secure 4Sync account, you can ensure the extra-protection for all data.