4Sync – An Exceptional In-class Solution

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4Sync: An Exceptional In-class Solution

Whenever I talk about 4Sync to buddies and classmates, I often receive one of two reactions–a determining grin and affirmation, or a puzzled and skeptical look. Regardless if you recognize the program, most people have more than likely got wind of the name. But seriously, how does 4Sync actually help college students?

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Arthur Clarkson, a young writer: My job and 4sync

With 4Sync you even can write a book!
We asked one young writer about his literary experiment and about how 4Sync helps him in writing.

You probably already have heard about the writer Peter V. Brett who wrote his novel “The Warded Man” in the New York subway on his 45-minute commute to work. And consequently his novel became a world bestseller. Many people were inspired by his example. Here is one of them!

«Hello, my name is Arthur Clarkson. I’m a journalist and I want to become a real novelist. I would like to tell you about my life of the writer and how it became simpler owing to 4Sync.

For me, as well as for any beginning writer, the main problem is an absence of free time.
I work in the office and I can write the novel only in snatches. Another problem is that I spend a lot of time on my way to work. Two hours daily I just waste in the bus. During one of such trips I opened my laptop to write down few ideas for the novel, which came to my mind. Unexpectedly I was absorbed in work.

I promised myself to type not less than 1000 words daily and 100-200 words in a lunch time. I synchronized all new records on my laptop, at work and on my home PC so as not to lose or delete my notes. For this purpose I used 4Sync. In the evening I switch on the computer, I open the synchronized folder and continue to write. This way I’m sure that my book won’t be gone anywhere. I can say that 60 % of the book is already written at lunch or on my way home.
I save much time with 4Sync because I don’t have to send files to myself constantly. Dear writers and everybody else! I recommend you to synchronize documents with 4Sync!

Jeff Cerner, a fashion-photographer: My job and 4sync

Famous photographer told us about 4Sync

My name is Jeff, I’m a photographer and I work for the most creative magazines and ad agencies. I can describe my works as a combination of rationalism and conceptualism, inspired by “post-modernist” painters.

My job is very exciting and hard. For 8 pages of fashion, for example, I travelled around Texas, to all the remote corners and big cities, and photographed a couture collection on people like fishermen, beauty shop operators, the homeless.

I usually use computer imaging to make my works more stylized, narrative, metaphorical.I’m not a computer genius at all but when I found 4synk website even I managed to cope with it.

For me 4synk is a kind of a stockroom. For years of shooting I gathered a collection of thousands photos. And I don’t want them to be lost. I like to revise old works and engage them in my new projects. That’s why I made a system of catalogues within 4synk folders. I frequently use different computers and I want my photos to be at hand, to be available when I need to show or change them.”

Dannie Weil, Winerry blogger: My job and 4sync

Dannie Weil told us about his findings and ideas concerning usage of functions and possibilities of the 4Sync website.

Hello. First of all I would like to tell you a little bit about myself and my job which is probably one of the most unusual and interesting ones in   the world. I am a winery’s “lifestyle correspondent”. How cool is that, huh? I work with winemakers, carry out tasting, visit vineyards and afterwards I share experience and impressions on my blog as well as on Twitter and Facebook pages. I started making wine under my own wine label. I don’t want to boast but when I earned this position and started to write about certain labels of wine their total sales, consumer sales and distribution presence increased considerably.

It stands to reason that if I want to write interesting, informatory reviews I have to travel a lot, visit different cities and countries, survey wine-factories, taste wine, study their history and manufacture process. You know, when you taste an alcoholic drink it is difficult enough to keep in mind all dates, numbers, technology peculiarities and historic facts. It‘s different from tasting juice and tea, right? This is wine. And sometimes it tangibly jollifies me. Therefore I always tote an iPod. It is all-purposed and irreplaceable for me. I record to the dictaphone all conversations with directors of the factories, all excursions etc. I copy photos from the camera. I make notes and do other stuff. I don’t trust myself and I don’t trust wine, therefore I prefer to save all information on 4Sync which is synchronized with my phone. This thingy is awesome and trustworthy unlike a flash card or CD. It will never be overfilled, won’t be lost. I won’t casually erase all my data after a glass of Burgundian. It’s a real pickup.

Another great function which I found out is a possibility to share photos with all interested people and not interested ones as well. I just have to send a link to the folder with photos to my editor or friends and  voila! Within 10 minutes all my buddies already knew under which grape bush I sat and also what kind of sparkling wine I tasted.

I almost forgot! What I like most of all about 4Sync is that it can store videos with reportings. When I come back home from the trip I just add the video on 4shared and then place it’s url to the blog. Everything is very simple and quick. I save a ton of time for more pleasant things. My work is a dream and 4Sync simplifies it as much as possible and accelerates its performance.