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Discover “Hidden” Features in 4Sync for iOS

Did you know?
There’re a few «hidden», less noticeable features
in the 4Sync app for iOS devices!

Playback management

As you recall, all folders from your 4Sync account that include audio and music files are shown as playlists in the Music tab of your 4Sync for iOS app.
Thus, you only need to tap on the playlist to start streaming it, either in a standard, or shuffle, or repeat mode.
Moreover, you can also change the sequence of tracks for the standard playback mode!
How to use?
1. Tap the playlist
2. Tap the “Tracklist” icon.
3. Tap “Edit”
4. Swipe “≡” up/down to move a certain track backwards/forwards in the playlist.
5. Tap “Done.”

Slideshow customization

As you probably remember, you can view images in 2 modes in your 4Sync for iOS app: standard (swiping left/right on image preview) and slideshow.
More importantly, you can also customize the interval between photos in slideshow!
How to use?
1. Tap an image.
2. Tap “▶” on the opened preview.
3. Tap the preview screen and adjust settings using a Speed slider.

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How to Embed Videos from 4Sync on Website

4Sync video embed

Did you know? Many video bloggers have already discovered the 4Sync benefits
for their personal needs and professional career.

Not only can they sync their video inspirations or stories across all devices and share them friends and followers, but use a set of advanced 4Sync video sharing features, too.
Namely, you can easily add videos from your 4Sync account to a website or blog for direct streaming, even in the full-screen mode – by embedding them!

How to use a “Video embed” feature at 4Sync?

1. On a computer, log in your 4Sync account.
2. Right-click the video you want to embed.
3. Click “Share.”
4. Go to “Other” tab.
5. Copy the video embed code.
6. Paste the code into your website or blog HTML.

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The upgraded 4Sync for Android is here!


We’ve just launched major upgrades in the 4Sync app for Android devices!

New Camera Upload functionality

4Sync for Android now includes a separate Camera Upload tab, which allows you to manually select separate camera photos/videos for upload to 4Sync.

Camera Upload tab

How to use?
1. Tap the ⋮ on a photo/video.
2. Select “Upload” from the menu.

Preview of apk files

We’ve enabled the preview of application (.apk) files in the latest release of 4Sync for Android.
Just tap an application (.apk) file in your account to view app info (if any), like logo, description, etc.

apk preview

Direct sharing to nearby devices

Now you can share files from your 4Sync account directly to another Android device via 4Sync for Android – on 2 conditions:
1. Both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
2. The up-to-date 4Sync app is currently running on both devices, i.e. the app is opened and both users are logged in their 4Sync accounts via it.

send file to device_blog

How to use?
1. Launch your 4Sync app.
2. Tap ⋮ near a file and select “Share” from the menu.
3. Tap a user, whose Android device you wish to send a file to.
4. An invitation to accept the file will be sent to the selected device.

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Merry Christmas from 4Sync!


[Infographic] 4Sync: 2016 in Review

Let’s look back at the key 4Sync facts & figures from 2016!

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Get Ready for Upgrades in 4Sync for Android!

Announcing the Winners of the 4Sync Survey Contest!

4Sync Survey winners

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