Reading Text Files in 4Sync for iOS Gets Easier

Did you know?

We’ve recently upgraded the preview features for text files in PDF, TXT and MS Word formats in 4Sync for iOS – to make your reading experience with documents and books even smoother!

How it works?
It’s all very simple. Just tap a PDF, MS Word or TXT file to begin reading it.

Try out the feature yourself – in the latest version of 4Sync for iOS, available on the App Store!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Stream Local Music Playlists in 4Sync for iOS

Did you know? You can easily stream local playlists from your iPhone/iPad
directly in your the 4Sync app for iOS devices!

You don’t need to upload music from playlists to your 4Sync account to use the feature – to begin streaming, simply go to the “Music” tab in your 4Sync for iOS and tap a playlist.
Just to remind you…
It’s just as easy to wirelessly stream music from your 4Sync account via the app to your Apple TV, Mac or other AirPlay-enabled device. Check out our feature guide for more details.

Ready to try out a wide array of awesome 4Sync features on your iOS device?
Install the latest app version from the App Store now!

Preview Animated GIF files in 4Sync for Android!

We’ve recently enhanced the preview of animated GIF files
in the 4Sync app for Android devices!

How to use?
It couldn’t get easier. Just tap the file to open its preview.
Just to remind you, just lately we’ve also improved the performance of built-in audio & video players in the 4Sync Android application.

Ready to try out the upgraded feature?
Install the updated 4Sync for Android from Google Play Store now!

Happy V-Day from 4Sync!

The 4Sync team wishes you a Happy Valentine’s Day!

Latest Feature Upgrades in 4Sync for Android

Just lately we’ve introduced significant feature upgrades in 4Sync for Android
to make your app experience even more comfortable.

The key upgrades we’ve brought in include:
– in-app music & video player performance improvements
– the enhanced “Camera Upload” functionality, just to name the few.

Try out the upgraded 4Sync for Android today!

Happy Winter Holidays from 4Sync!

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4Sync: 2017 in Review

Another year is coming to an end…
Let’s look back at what we achieved together!

+15% new 4Sync accounts (comp. to 2016) were registered daily in 2017!
Sounds awesome, right? Wait, there’s more:
In 2017, the number of active participants
in the 4Sync Referral Program grew up to 100 000 users!

Check out all 4Sync highlights from 2017 in our special infographic!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

4Sync for Android Gets Another Upgrade!


Have you heard the news?
We’ve just launched a major update to the 4Sync app for Android devices!
Along with the crucial performance improvements, the app also includes the
enhanced preview and sharing capabilities!

Optimized folder sharing
We’ve made it easier to enable and customize the shared access to folders in your 4Sync account using the application.
How it works?
1. Tap ⋮ near the folder.
2. Tap “Share.”
3. Tap “Settings” in the opened popup.
4. Switch on the “Public access” to folder.
5. Customize folder access permissions.
6. Copy/share the link with others.

Enhanced image preview
We’ve enhanced the preview of image files in, making it easy to also view animated GIF files directly in the application.
Just tap the file to open its preview.

Excited to try out new options yourself?
Install the updated 4Sync for Android from Google Play!
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