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Taking part in the 4Sync Referral Program has become even easier! From now on you can Invite Friends and get your free month of 4Sync via your 4Sync apps for Android and iOS!

How to Invite Friends to 4Sync via the app

Aiming to simplify your participation in the 4Sync Referral Program, we have added the “Invite Friends via E-mail” feature in both 4Sync for Android and 4Sync for iOS application.

To e-mail your unique Invite (Referral) link to Friends via the mobile app:

1. Download & install a 4Sync app from App Store or Google Play or
update the app to its up-to-date version on your mobile device.

2. Sign in 4Sync Android/iOS app using your 4Sync account login and password.

3. In 4Sync for Android: tap “Settings” in the top menu.
In 4Sync for iOS: tap ”Profile” in the bottom menu.

4Sync Inapp Referral Options

4. Tap “Invite Friends.”

5. Enter your Friend’s email in the required field.

6. Tap “Send Invite.”

7. An e-mail with your unique Invite (Referral) link will be sent to your Friend’s e-mail.

As soon as your Friend completes the “Qualified Installation“ of one of the 4Sync apps (an Android/iOS app or a Windows desktop app), both of you will get an extra free month of 4Sync.

If your Friend further upgrades to 4Sync Premium, you will receive two additional free months of 4Sync.

Note! You can still share your unique Invite (Referral) link with others via e-mail, in social media and post it anywhere on the web – via your web-account “Invite Friends” feature.

No more doubts! Join the 4Sync Referral Program now and earn your free months of 4Sync!
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