Have you heard the news?
We’ve just launched a major update to the 4Sync app for Android devices!
Along with the crucial performance improvements, the app also includes the
enhanced preview and sharing capabilities!

Optimized folder sharing
We’ve made it easier to enable and customize the shared access to folders in your 4Sync account using the application.
How it works?
1. Tap ⋮ near the folder.
2. Tap “Share.”
3. Tap “Settings” in the opened popup.
4. Switch on the “Public access” to folder.
5. Customize folder access permissions.
6. Copy/share the link with others.

Enhanced image preview
We’ve enhanced the preview of image files in, making it easy to also view animated GIF files directly in the application.
Just tap the file to open its preview.

Excited to try out new options yourself?
Install the updated 4Sync for Android from Google Play!