4Sync Referral Program Infographic

Even though it hasn’t been long since we officially launched the 4Sync Referral Program, we’ve already got some impressive facts and numbers to share!
As you remember, we introduced the 4Sync Referral Program back in August 2015 and further launched the new, Mobile Referral options in the 4Sync apps for Android and iOS right before the Christmas Holidays.
Since last than a year has passed, you might think it’s probably too early to report any results. Well, we wouldn’t be so sure.
According to the latest Referral Program reports (April 15, 2016):
The number of participants has grown up to over 50 000 active participants,
and has exceeded 30 000 mobile users!

Android vs. iOS

The active participants of Mobile Referral Program are mostly Android users – 85%.
User activity on iOS is rapid growth, esp. in March- April 2016.


The geographical coverage is really huge:

4Sync users from 39 countries in all parts of the world have joined the Program,
and this number is rapidly increasing with time.

Click below browse our exquisite infographic with more 4Sync Referral Program facts!