Meet the helpful feature in 4Sync for Android – seamless streaming of media files from 4Sync directly a to Smart TVs, Chromecast, Xbox and more!

Now you can easily stream music, video and other media from your 4Sync account directly to Chromecast or a DLNA-compliant device – using 4Sync for Android!

How to use?

1. Connect your Android smartphone/tablet and a “receiver” (DLNA-compliant TV or else) to the same Wi-Fi network.
2. Log in 4Sync for Android app.
3. Tap the file you wish to stream on a large screen.
4. Tap the “Cast” icon on the file preview page.
5. Tap the device you’d like to connect to, then tap “Connect.”

Accordingly, to stop streaming:

1. Tap the “Cast” icon on the file preview page.
2. Tap “Disconnect.”

Download the upgraded 4Sync for Android from Google Play and test out the new feature yourself!

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