We’ve just launched major upgrades in the 4Sync app for Android devices!

New Camera Upload functionality

4Sync for Android now includes a separate Camera Upload tab, which allows you to manually select separate camera photos/videos for upload to 4Sync.

Camera Upload tab

How to use?
1. Tap the ⋮ on a photo/video.
2. Select “Upload” from the menu.

Preview of apk files

We’ve enabled the preview of application (.apk) files in the latest release of 4Sync for Android.
Just tap an application (.apk) file in your account to view app info (if any), like logo, description, etc.

apk preview

Direct sharing to nearby devices

Now you can share files from your 4Sync account directly to another Android device via 4Sync for Android – on 2 conditions:
1. Both devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
2. The up-to-date 4Sync app is currently running on both devices, i.e. the app is opened and both users are logged in their 4Sync accounts via it.

send file to device_blog

How to use?
1. Launch your 4Sync app.
2. Tap ⋮ near a file and select “Share” from the menu.
3. Tap a user, whose Android device you wish to send a file to.
4. An invitation to accept the file will be sent to the selected device.

Excited to try out new features yet? Install the app update from Google Play!