4Sync beta has grown from a small startup to a competitive cloud storage app. And you, our users, are an essential part of the history-making process. With our app you can safely, store, sync, stream and transfer media on all your favorite devices.

We would like to provide you with some informative statistics and interesting facts about our app. Here’s a little quiz on what we’ve done and how we’ve changed over the past year:

  • What is the total number of 4Sync users and how many backup their filesdaily?
  • What are the 3 core reasons to use 4Sync?
  • What are 4Sync’s ratings and achievements?
  • Which mobile service operators are supported by 4Sync?
  • How many files are uploaded and downloaded with 4Sync?

Check out our fun infographic for the answers and learn a little more about us here at 4Sync.With the 4Sync Cloud Storage app we strive to enhance your life with added efficiencies, organization and simplicity!

Press the image and check out 4Sync Infographic!