We are excited to announce that we are exhibiting at TechCrunch’s event, Disrupt SF, 2012! Not only are we delighted to be in such prestigious company, but also we have tons of goodies for you to enjoy. We hope to meet and interact with you,our users, and the plethora of potential partners.

Tech is fun right? We certainly think so! In the name of fun we will havemany exciting things going on at our booth each day of the conference- We will host daily raffles, with giveaways of a new treat we like to call Cloud Cards*- gift cards with GBs of storage space for you to use or gift to that someone you know who doesn’t backup their files and should.


  • Each day at 4pm the first 4 people to our booth will have the opportunity to draw from a box full of Cloud Cards* that have FREE storage space, up to 1TB!
  • We will have a bowl at our booth for everyone to drop their business cards, and at the end of each day we will choose a card from the bowl for a lucky someone to receive 1TB of FREE storage in the form of a Cloud Card*!


Also, in the vein of clouds, similar to those seen in gorgeous pink sunsets, but much tastier, we will be passing out FREE Cloud Candy (cotton candy), whipping up clouds of spun sugar for your pleasure during the entire event.

Upon researching the recycling standpoint of why people would want to use cloud storage for file backup, we have been forced to reflect upon not only consumer behavior, often driven by computer/technology companies selling us all on upgrading to the biggest and newest devices, but the enormous impact on the environment and communities across the globe that are greatly damaged by the often exported e-waste. The great news is that we have decided to forge partnerships with http://www.e-Stewards.orgon the global level to foster responsible recycling of electronic waste. At a local level we are partnering with e-Recycling of California, based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is where you, our users, come into the mix. During the Disrupt SF event we would like to offer you free storage in exchange for your hard drives that we will in turn send to e-Recycling of California. We will offer you FREE equal storage, in increments of 100GB Cloud Cards*, up to 1TB. We will round up, so if you bring a hard drive with 20GB of storage, you’ll receive a 100GB Cloud Card, etc.! Should you not have your backup device on hand, you can mail or drop off at 4Sync headquarters for the entire month of September and receive this offer. Not only will you no longer need to worry about upgrading your hard drive storage devices as files and needs get bigger and bigger, but you will help to put a stopto the toxic tide, ensuring your own electronic assets will be recycled responsibly.

Stay tuned for news on our upcoming launch, happening at DEMO in October, where our esteemed CEO, Anna Anisin will showcase what we’ve been working on day and night; blood, sweat and tears. There are so many exciting features and updates it will have you jumping towards the clouds!

* These cards will offer, upon activation, 1 year of FREE storage. At the end of the year, users will be notified via email that they will start to pay for the amount of storage setup above the 15GB offered FREE at all times.