Hi, 4sync-people! Meet the upcoming 4Sync features – just in a few days you’ll be able to test them by yourself!

We all know that Facebook has already became our second and, in some cases, the only cozy home. It’s the easiest way to get in touch with anyone in this world. And in Facebook+ 4Sync collaboration  it’ll be much easier to deliver the Information. You can devote your private thoughts to the whole world, share links to this super awesome Star Wars themed commercial, show everyone photos of your cute puppy and post a crucially important link to the New York Magazine article, which no one will probably read. Let’s admit it, we all do this.

So your beloved 4Sync dream-team decided to make something super awesome and exclusive. This will make your life within social network as much convenient as possible. Soon you’ll be able not only share your files but also… post them on your friend’s Facebook pages privately!

Quick facts about posting 4Sync files on Facebook:

  • It’s fast (you choose the file to share, you choose the name, you send it, that’s it)
  • It’s private (only the owner of the Facebook page can open the file)
  • You can do it even if your friend is offline.

Read our blog and stay with 4Sync!

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