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4Sync: An Exceptional In-class Solution

Whenever I talk about 4Sync to buddies and classmates, I often receive one of two reactions–a determining grin and affirmation, or a puzzled and skeptical look. Regardless if you recognize the program, most people have more than likely got wind of the name. But seriously, how does 4Sync actually help college students?

Have assignments at your disposal whenever, wherever, and maintain control.

 4Sync is numerous things – a diverse solution that’s so dynamic, you’ll keep on uncovering new approaches in working with it. Still, the short and sweet of this online application is that you can easily use it to save and synchronize schoolwork across laptops, tablets, and smart devices.

It’s a cost-free solution that synchronizes every school document on your device and keeps them in a single location, making the data virtually accessible just about anywhere – in the home or in the classroom.

Imagine 4Sync as an exclusive, online, safe-deposit box where you can easily place your relevant documents and manage who has access to them. This online application gave Degree Jungle alumni the ability to put away, manage, and supervise their classroom projects, hand-in paperless homework and share team assignments or images, as well as Internet research.

 Share your work rather than printing it.

 Never mind whether your teachers or colleagues work with Gmail or Outlook.com. From research projects to large midterm files to complete image collections from your overseas summer vacation, you can conveniently share it with 4Sync.

 When applying a file’s permissions preferences, you establish who can see, modify, or publish the data. This suggests that you can maintain several nonpublic records just for yourself, distribute schoolwork to instructors or parents, or exchange assorted collections of documents with colleagues when working on course projects and team assignments. I was said that soon you’ll be able to use 4Sync’s Windows Phone for easy and quick access to your data and images.

Practically, never forget homework at home again, ever!

Unpleasant stuff can occur occasionally: You lose your USB drive with your PowerPoint presentation on it; you unintentionally forget your notebook at home; or, your PC crashes while preparing a research paper.

By syncing your schoolwork on 4Sync, you can stay clear of all that anxiety and confusion–and regularly reconnect to your information regardless of what transpires. Relax, just visit 4Sync on a different computer, and pick up exactly where you left off.

Getting rid of Email Limitations

Over-size attachments, including sizable PowerPoint presentations and video recordings, which seldom get to the designated person considering that most email systems kill large files, is a frequent criticism of email message users. 4Sync ultimately resolves this issue by sidestepping the email process.

Handing In Paperless Assignments

In its most basic function, students can use 4Sync as a standard filing cabinet where instructors can deliver documents, like homework tasks, syllabuses, and multimedia files–but, yet 4Sync can also function in the other direction as well–from college students to educators. Using 4Sync as an assignment drop-off point adds the advantage of delivering work on time with an electronic time-stamp for important submissions. 

 Naturally, students can also exchange 4Sync directories with one another and join forces on mutual projects without having to print one word on paper. The absolutely-free, 4Sync application even keeps a record of all removed and previous editions of files for 30 days.

 So college students beware of the fast-growing conveniences of cloud technology. Using 4sync today can only help those in adapting to tomorrow’s possibilities.