Famous photographer told us about 4Sync

My name is Jeff, I’m a photographer and I work for the most creative magazines and ad agencies. I can describe my works as a combination of rationalism and conceptualism, inspired by “post-modernist” painters.

My job is very exciting and hard. For 8 pages of fashion, for example, I travelled around Texas, to all the remote corners and big cities, and photographed a couture collection on people like fishermen, beauty shop operators, the homeless.

I usually use computer imaging to make my works more stylized, narrative, metaphorical.I’m not a computer genius at all but when I found 4synk website even I managed to cope with it.

For me 4synk is a kind of a stockroom. For years of shooting I gathered a collection of thousands photos. And I don’t want them to be lost. I like to revise old works and engage them in my new projects. That’s why I made a system of catalogues within 4synk folders. I frequently use different computers and I want my photos to be at hand, to be available when I need to show or change them.”