Happy Thanksgiving from 4Sync!

Happy Thanksgiving_4Sync


The 4Sync team would like to send the best wishes to our users on the Thanksgiving Day and express our gratitude to all of you for your loyalty – your support is making us better every single day!
You ARE really the best users in the world!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Introducing the Improved 4Sync for Android!

4Sync for Android

The 4Sync team proudly presents the next-gen (next-generation) 4Sync for Android 3.0.15! The released app is absolutely incredible both in its new slick design and massive functional upgrades.

Not only has it got the stylish material UI, but also a variety of brand-new beneficial options for users. In particular, the key features, available in 4Sync for Android 3.0.15, include:

1. The improved audio player.
Smoother streaming of favorite music in your 4Sync app.

2. Offline browsing of files in a user’s “Favorites” folder
Tapping a “Star” enables adding a file to “Favorites” for further offline browsing.

3. Tracking of ongoing & past activity in “Feed”
The “Feed” section displays current & past uploads, notifications, changes in “Favorites”, etc.

4. Advanced sharing capabilities
Sharing a folder in a new 4Sync for Android includes a wide range of options:

  • sharing a folder link
  • making a folder public or private
  • setting up access permissions to a public folder (“view only” or “upload & edit”)

5. Faster & easier data upload
Tapping “+” enables the faster and easier selection and upload of files from an Android device.
6. Extra app protection.
Adding a security pattern ensures the extra-security of a user’s 4Sync account.

7. 4Sync for Android is 100% free.
You can download on Google Play for free (see the “Productivity” category).

Are you in? Discover & enjoy innovative features and benefits in the new 4Sync for Android!

4Sync Android btn

4 Pros: a Guide to 4Sync “Embed Audio” Widget

Many musicians, singers and songwriters have already discovered the benefits of 4Sync for the career. Not only it enables keeping their music art at hand in times of sudden flashes of inspiration or urgent auditions, but also sync it across all devices and share with friends, fans and followers.
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4Syncers share Referral Program experience


It hasn’t been long since we officially launched the 4Sync Referral Program. To add some personal perspective to this matter and help you learn all ins and outs, we’ve asked a few 4Syncers to share personal experience about their participation in the Program.

Check out the 4Sync Referral Program Tips by A. Donovan, an experienced IT-specialist and a passionate blogger and tech enthusiast (once the founder of Reviewsoftpro and a regular contributor to Business2Community)


4Sync Launches the Unique Referral Program

The 4Sync team is delighted to share the amazing news – we have officially launched the 4Sync Referral Program for our users.

How the 4Sync Referral Program works?

The essence of 4Sync Referral Program is simple: if your friend signs up for 4Sync via the unique invite (referral) link you’ve shared, installs the 4Sync desktop app on their computer then and logs in their account via 4Sync Desktop, both of you will receive an extra free month* of 4Sync.

*If your friend further becomes Premium, you will be awarded with two more free months of 4Sync.

Note! The more friends sign up for 4Sync via your invite (referral) link, the more extra free months of 4Sync you will get.

How to access & share an Invite (Referral) link?

You can access your unique invite (referral) link directly in your 4Sync account. To get the link:

  1. Click “Settings” in your 4Sync account.
  2. Select “Invite friends” from the drop-down menu.
  3. At the opened page, enter your friends’ e-mail addresses to invite them to 4Sync personally via e-mail.


Tip! Click “Import from Gmail” to import your Gmail contacts and send invite them to 4Sync easily.


4. Click the “Facebook”/”Twitter”/”Google+” icon to share your invite (referral) link with your friends in social networks.

5. Click “Copy to clipboard” to post your invite (referral) link at websites or forums manually.

What are you waiting for? Invite your friends to 4Sync now and switch on your extra free month of 4Sync!

Happy Syncing!

Get Ready for Impressive News from 4Sync

new 4Sync features


While you are having the greatest summer time, the 4Sync team is working on new impressive features!
That’s right, the updates we’re launching soon are going to be really Huge, so stay tuned for 4Sync announcements and find out about the new amazing options first!

Besides, we have just released the improved 4Sync for iOS app – check it out in App Store!

4Sync for iOS_App Store

4 Pros: “Hidden” features of 4Sync desktop app for Windows

Being a 4Sync user, you have probably got a clear understanding of the main features in our mobile and desktop apps. However, if you’re new to 4Sync, there’s a slight chance that you haven’t discovered all helpful options, available to you, yet.
Well, here are a few tips on how to get the most of the 4Sync desktop application for Windows. Continue reading →

Meet the Improved 4Sync for iOS 2.28

4Sync for iOS

Awesome news for iPhone and iPad users! We have released the new and improved 4Sync for iOS 2.28 application, which enables syncing data between all of your devices faster and easier.

The recently released 4Sync for iOS 2.28 includes a set of important updates, improvements and bug fixes, including extra security options (passcode protection and touch ID (on iOS 8 devices).

As in previous versions, the brand-new 4Sync for iOS 2.28 allows finding and browsing files in your 4Sync account, streaming your favorite music (including the offline mode for tracks in your “Favorites” folder), share files and folders with your friends, colleagues and family.

Aiming to spare your time and effort, we have also improved the process of file synchronization for your convenience.

Well, less talk – more action! Install the latest 4Sync for iOS app from the App Store and check out how it works for you!

Make Your Life Easier with 4Sync!

4 Pros: Four 4Sync Advantages for Project Managers

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4 Pros: 4 Perks of 4Sync for Chefs

Being a professional Chef is a dream-career for many cooking enthusiasts, yet it also implies a range of challenging aspects! Let us learn how the use of 4Sync can simplify chefs’ lives in our new post of the section “4 Pros”.

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