4 Pros: 4 Perks of 4Sync for Chefs

Being a professional Chef is a dream-career for many cooking enthusiasts, yet it also implies a range of challenging aspects! Let us learn how the use of 4Sync can simplify chefs’ lives in our new post of the section “4 Pros”.

4Sync for Chefs
Access your creatives from any device

Either you are accustomed to note your culinary ideas and recipes, or prefer taking photos of your exquisite dishes on a smartphone/tablet; 4Sync will help you backup all creatives in your secure cloud storage and further access them from any computer or device easily.

The 1TB of 4Sync storage allows you to not worry about running out of space anymore and access all of your HD videos, photos, documents and other files, whenever you wish.

Share & discuss recipes with your team

4Sync allows you to share access to certain folders with others, which turns out especially useful for discussing new recipes with your sous chefs and keeping every team member at the same page, regarding menu updates & improvements.

There is no need to explain minor recipe details in person every time, just add a new recipe document along with the dish photo to the shared 4Sync folder, and that’s it.

Keep your inspiration at hand

Whether you are fond of capturing the unusual food spots or exciting fresh foods, found on one of the local markets, 4Sync is a perfect option to synchronize the most important and compelling culinary memories or inspirations between all computers/devices and keep them at hand anywhere.

Guide the community

Have you started sharing your extensive experience with cooking enthusiasts yet? If so, 4Sync helps you post or embed your photo and video guides, for people’s browsing and download* anywhere on the web.

*There are no limits on the number of file views/downloads at 4Sync!

Either you embed the latest photos/videos on you own website or any other themed forum, webpage or blog, the viewers will be able to browse, stream and download the media just in a click.

4 Pros: 4 Benefits of 4Sync for a Web Designer

4Sync for web designThe 4Sync team presents a new section at our blog – “4 Pros” that will cover the essential benefits and helpful tips for 4Sync users! This time, we’ve decided to dwell upon the four features of 4Sync, especially helpful for web-designers.

Being a web-designer is an exciting and yet a challenging job. Either you are a full-time employee or a freelancer, it implies daily communication with a client or a project manager and a continuous approval process of design elements, sketches and iterations from their side. In addition, a web-designer needs to be highly mobile, that is, be ready to browse and add minor edits to their work anytime and from any computer. Sounds like a thrilling, but a complicated task, right? The use of

4Sync makes it all much easier, due to the four core benefits of the service.

1. Enough storage space for all creative work

The 1TB cloud storage, provided at 4Sync, enables you to keep all creatives, clipart and final design projects in the highest quality in one secure place. There’s no need to worry about running out of space anymore. Moreover, you can easily the maximum size per file is 20GB, which makes their upload and synchronization effortless.

2. Empowered communication with clients

Using folder access permissions at 4Sync, you can share access to any design folder, stored in your 4Sync account, for clients’ comments, approval or download. As soon as you share access to a folder with the client, they will receive automatic notification via e-mail and will be able to instantly browse the submitted creative work and add their comments directly at 4Sync. No additional text chats, calls or meetings required. Similarly, it’s super-fast and easy to close others’ access to a certain folder until you make the updates, or for good.

3. Easier management of online portfolios

Tired of updating your online portfolios at various design resources? With 4Sync it takes just a few clicks to post or embed the link* to your portfolio folder,stored at 4Sync, on websites and forums for public browsing.

*Tip! Add subdomain to your portfolio at 4Sync, kind of like this: yournamedesign.4sync.com. Check how to do it here.

You will further need to update this folder only in your 4Sync account.

4. No limit for file downloads

If you wish to allow the free public use of your work samples (e.g. clipart), it is possible to share a 4Sync link to this file for others’ download. Unlike one might presume, there are no limitations on the number of file download via one link – none. Keep in mind, that you can to update the file at 4Sync without changing the link to it using the file “Properties” menu.

“My Spring Expectations Contest” Results: Winner Revealed!

The 4Sync team is delighted to announce the official results of the “My Spring Expectations” contest and reveal the winner’s name, who will get a 1-Year 4Sync Premium and a web illustration of their spring expectations.

As we have promised before, today (15 April 2015), we are ready to unveil the results of our recent contest in Facebook – “My Spring Expectations”: and the winner is Alex Stoma.

He will receive a 1-Year 4Sync Premium, and have their expectations for this spring visualized in a colorful web illustration by 4Sync designers. Here it is, by the way:


Dear Mr. Stoma, we have already sent you a private message on Facebook – please check your “Other” tab in Facebook messages and get back to us shortly, so that we can present you with your 4Sync Premium award! Continue tracking the hashtag #4SyncSpring and get more exciting gifts from 4Sync!

Happy Syncing!

Happy Easter from 4Sync!

Happy Easter!

Dear Friends, the 4Sync team would like to congratulate you all on the Easter Holidays! May you always be healthy, happy and wealthy! Thank you for being with us!

Happy Easter!

Win 1-Year Premium in “4Sync Spring Expectations” contest!

Let’s get inspired together! Soon after the release of the special “4Sync Spring Expectations” project, the 4Sync team would like to invite you to join “Spring Expectations” contest on Facebook and get a chance to win 1-Year 4Sync Premium! How to take part: 1. Go to 4Sync page on Facebook and “Like” it. 2. At the 4Sync FB page, “Like” our “Spring Expectations” contest post and click “Share”. steps1-2 3. Write in your spring expectations with a hashtag #4SyncSpring in the opened pop-up window and click “Share photo”. 4. Get the largest number of “Likes” for your post by April 13, 2015 to win 1-Year 4Sync Premium and have your spring expectations visualized by 4Sync designers. steps3-4 The winner will be publicly announced on April 15, 2015 at 4Sync Facebook page and the official 4Sync blog! We will also notify the winner personally on Facebook and via e-mail, associated with their 4Sync account.

4Sync Launches the “My Spring Expectations” Project

Spring is in the air, and it’s the high time to share our inspirations, hopes and plans for the upcoming spring months with others! In spirit of the new season start, the 4Sync team is delighted to present you with the inspiring “My Spring Expectations” project!

What’s in a name?

We’ve launched the “My Spring Expectations” project at 4Sync to get to know our fans and users better and share our personal and professional inspirations, wishes and hopes with all of you.

Meet the 4Sync Team Spring Expectations!

Let us introduce you to some of the people who are working on the development and improvement of 4Sync services and apps, their hopes and dreams for this spring.

My Spring Expectations Project by 4Sync

Stay tuned for updates! Track the hashtag #4SyncSpring and be the first to learn about the other exciting surprises within “My Spring Expectations” project at 4Sync!

Find Your Sync Soulmate with 4Sync!

St. Valentine’s Day is getting closer, and 4Sync has prepared an amazing present for our users and fans – the exclusive “Who is Your Sync Soulmate” Quiz!

Take the short St. Valentine’s Day quiz from 4Sync and find out more about your perfect match, the one and only Soulmate, which all of us are dreaming of!

Share your quiz results and send your best wishes to friends and family on the upcoming Holiday!

Follow the hashtag #SyncSoulmate to track others’ results and impressions about the quiz.

Happy St. Valentine’s Day!

4Sync StValentine_Quiz

Happy New Year 2015!

christmas decoration

May this year be the one in which all your wishes come true. The one in which your dreams may turn into reality and all your fears may fade away. Happy new year!

4Sync Now Fully Compatible With OS X Yosemite


The 4Sync team has been constantly at work behind the scenes to provide all 4Sync users with truly awesome experience. We believe that by refining every detail, the entire experience is enhanced. And now we’re excited to introduce a big update for all Mac users – 4Sync is now available for Mac OS X’s latest version, Yosemite. Intriguing! Why not turn using a new version of 4Sync for Mac OS X into a joyous experience?

4Sync Gets Better Becoming Premium Only


4Sync team has been always focusing on what matters. Indeed, we have worked hard to provide you with a truly awesome online storage, boasting rich features and being truly safe and secure. We hope you are fully enjoying it.
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