Meet the Improved 4Sync for iOS 2.28

4Sync for iOS

Awesome news for iPhone and iPad users! We have released the new and improved 4Sync for iOS 2.28 application, which enables syncing data between all of your devices faster and easier.

The recently released 4Sync for iOS 2.28 includes a set of important updates, improvements and bug fixes, including extra security options (passcode protection and touch ID (on iOS 8 devices).

As in previous versions, the brand-new 4Sync for iOS 2.28 allows finding and browsing files in your 4Sync account, streaming your favorite music (including the offline mode for tracks in your “Favorites” folder), share files and folders with your friends, colleagues and family.

Aiming to spare your time and effort, we have also improved the process of file synchronization for your convenience.

Well, less talk – more action! Install the latest 4Sync for iOS app from the App Store and check out how it works for you!

Make Your Life Easier with 4Sync!

4 Pros: Four 4Sync Advantages for Project Managers

4Sync_forPMAre you a project manager or just planning to become one in future? Check out the fresh article in the “4 Pros” section to learn more about major benefits of using 4Sync in your job.

Management Mobility

As a project manager, you may need to attend numerous business trips and meetings in addition to resolving numerous in-office tasks.

A 1TB 4Sync account enables you to synchronize updates in the documentation between all devices and keep the project momentum going, even while being away.

Planning, Prioritization & Delegation

No matter if you work with a small, or a large group of specialists as a project manager, it is crucial to align across your entire team across project planning and communication schedules.

How to do that? Store and share plans and schedules at 4Sync with your team members and have them automatically notified about the upload/update. You may also add a message to files, while sharing, to keep everyone aware of the latest changes.

Similarly, you can delegate tasks to each team member and further discuss them without sending multiple emails or arranging face-to-face meetings.

Keeping up with Deadlines

You can easily track and analyze the performance of different product versions directly within a shared 4Sync account, which improves your team collaboration.

As a result, you can successfully develop upgraded iterations, present them in DEMOs and/or release the final product, regardless of how short the deadlines are.

Extra data security Either you are managing an in-house or an outsource project, it is vital to keep all confidential data safe.

Using the “Protect Password” option for folders in your highly secure 4Sync account, you can ensure the extra-protection for all data.

4 Pros: 4 Perks of 4Sync for Chefs

Being a professional Chef is a dream-career for many cooking enthusiasts, yet it also implies a range of challenging aspects! Let us learn how the use of 4Sync can simplify chefs’ lives in our new post of the section “4 Pros”.

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4 Pros: 4 Benefits of 4Sync for a Web Designer

4Sync for web designThe 4Sync team presents a new section at our blog – “4 Pros” that will cover the essential benefits and helpful tips for 4Sync users! This time, we’ve decided to dwell upon the four features of 4Sync, especially helpful for web-designers.

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“My Spring Expectations Contest” Results: Winner Revealed!

The 4Sync team is delighted to announce the official results of the “My Spring Expectations” contest and reveal the winner’s name, who will get a 1-Year 4Sync Premium and a web illustration of their spring expectations. As we have promised before, today (15 April 2015), we are ready to unveil the results of our recent contest in Facebook – “My Spring Expectations”: and the winner is Alex Stoma.

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Happy Easter from 4Sync!

Happy Easter!

Dear Friends, the 4Sync team would like to congratulate you all on the Easter Holidays! May you always be healthy, happy and wealthy! Thank you for being with us!

Happy Easter!

Win 1-Year Premium in “4Sync Spring Expectations” contest!

Let’s get inspired together! Soon after the release of the special “4Sync Spring Expectations” project, the 4Sync team would like to invite you to join “Spring Expectations” contest on Facebook and get a chance to win 1-Year 4Sync Premium!

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4Sync Launches the “My Spring Expectations” Project

Spring is in the air, and it’s the high time to share our inspirations, hopes and plans for the upcoming spring months with others! In spirit of the new season start, the 4Sync team is delighted to present you with the inspiring “My Spring Expectations” project!

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Find Your Sync Soulmate with 4Sync!

St. Valentine’s Day is getting closer, and 4Sync has prepared an amazing present for our users and fans – the exclusive “Who is Your Sync Soulmate” Quiz! Take the short St. Valentine’s Day quiz from 4Sync and find out more about your perfect match, the one and only Soulmate, which all of us are dreaming of!

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Happy New Year 2015!

christmas decoration

May this year be the one in which all your wishes come true. The one in which your dreams may turn into reality and all your fears may fade away. Happy new year!
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