Latest Feature Upgrades in 4Sync for Android

Just lately we’ve introduced significant feature upgrades in 4Sync for Android
to make your app experience even more comfortable.

The key upgrades we’ve brought in include:
– in-app music & video player performance improvements
– the enhanced “Camera Upload” functionality, just to name the few.

Try out the upgraded 4Sync for Android today!

Happy Winter Holidays from 4Sync!

[INFOGRAPHIC] 4Sync: 2017 in Review

Another year is coming to an end…
Let’s look back at what we achieved together!

+15% new 4Sync accounts (comp. to 2016) were registered daily in 2017!
Sounds awesome, right? Wait, there’s more:
In 2017, the number of active participants
in the 4Sync Referral Program grew up to 100 000 users!

Check out all 4Sync highlights from 2017 in our special infographic!

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

4Sync for Android Gets Another Upgrade!


Have you heard the news?
We’ve just launched a major update to the 4Sync app for Android devices!
Along with the crucial performance improvements, the app also includes the
enhanced preview and sharing capabilities!

Optimized folder sharing
We’ve made it easier to enable and customize the shared access to folders in your 4Sync account using the application.
How it works?
1. Tap ⋮ near the folder.
2. Tap “Share.”
3. Tap “Settings” in the opened popup.
4. Switch on the “Public access” to folder.
5. Customize folder access permissions.
6. Copy/share the link with others.

Enhanced image preview
We’ve enhanced the preview of image files in, making it easy to also view animated GIF files directly in the application.
Just tap the file to open its preview.

Excited to try out new options yourself?
Install the updated 4Sync for Android from Google Play!

[Guide] How to Streamline your Workflow with 4Sync

What major tasks does an average small or mid-size business need to handle every day?
We’ve asked a few, and according to them, they’re at least 2:

  • Operational management
  • Ongoing communication with clients

Fortunately, we know an effective way to “make things easier”!
Here’re the three key features at 4Sync that can help you both to manage team more effectively, and communicate with clients in a better, much smoother way.
Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

Customizable account structure

Your 4Sync account in many ways resembles a folder on a computer or mobile device, yet it also has some valuable extra benefits.

First, it enables keeping all crucial data in sync: across devices and your secure 1TB cloud storage.
But more importantly, it’s super-easy to manage and navigate on the move, anytime.

The latter advantage owes much to a customizable tree-like account structure, with “My 4Sync” [as a root folder] branching down to other folders and files.

Not only is it effortless to set up and further modify your account folder tree, according to company’s specifics, but also navigate, manage and share data stored within it – fast (see below).

Tip! Use an in-acc Search feature to allocate a particular file
in your account in seconds.

Granular access permissions/roles

The “Granular access” feature in your 4Sync account allows you to specify access permissions to particular folders/folder tree branches for different team members, for example:

  • Enable “view only” access to general Project folders for all team members
  • Allow “assign & edit” access to a particular Project folder for selected team members
  • Deny access to the most confidential folders for everyone, except you (see below).

Tip! Ensure extra folder protection by setting a password to it.

4Sync “Comment Pins”

Communicating with clients, especially getting their ongoing feedback and final approval of your team’s work, isn’t always easy. However, some of the aspects can be simplified, if you’re using 4Sync.

Namely, the unique “4Sync Comment Pins” feature enables you to review, discuss and approve parts of sketches, mockups, UI design and other graphic content with a client and your team – in real time, directly in your computer’s browser.

Tip! Use the “Shorten URL” option to share better-looking, short links
to media files with clients.

Latest Upgrades to 4Sync for Android!

Amazing news! We’ve recently released the upgrade
to the 4Sync app for Android devices!

Along with the other crucial improvements, the updated app includes:

  • Extended sharing capabilities,
  • Improved download functionality, and more.

Ready to try out the new features yourself?
Install the latest version of 4Sync for Android from Google Play!

4Sync Summer Giveaway 2017 – Winner Chosen!

We’re happy to announce the winner of ‪‎4Sync‬ Summer Giveaway 2017
– it’s Maxim Ritus!

Maxim Ritus will receive the free ‪‎4Sync Premium‬ for 1 year – we’ve already informed the winner via Facebook private messages!

Guys, thank you all for taking part!

[Giveaway] Celebrate Summer & win 4Sync Premium!

Summer’s already here, and 1TB of secure cloud storage
is just enough for syncing all vacations pics & videos across devices
and sharing them with friends!

Take part in a traditional 4Sync Summer Giveaway
by July 7, 2017* & win a 1-year 4Sync Premium!

How to take part?
By July 7, 2017:

1. Like & Follow 4Sync on Facebook.
2. Like & Share (with public access to the shared post!) a Giveaway Facebook post.
3. In you shared post:

  • Say why you want to win
  • Add a hashtag: #4SyncSummerGiveaway

We’ll select the winner using service and announce their name
at our official blog and Facebook page on July 7, 2017*!

We’ll also inform the winner personally – via Facebook private messages!

* Shares, posted later, than 23:59 GMT, July 6, 2017 – will NOT take part in the contest!

Get Ready for Awesome Surprises from 4Sync!

While you are having the best summer time,
4Sync is getting ready with some exciting surprises for you!

That’s right, the news we’re releasing soon is really awesome!
Thus, stay tuned for the latest announcements on our blog and social networks.


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By the way, we’ve just released the update to 4Sync for Android – try it out!

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