Latest functional improvements in 4Sync for Android!

Lately we’ve released a few essential functional improvements
in the 4Sync app for Android devices!

Optimized image preview
We’ve enhanced the preview of image files in the application, making it easier
to both view the media and access the “File Operations” menu.

Document editing options
We’ve also enabled editing MS Word documents directly in 4Sync for Android:
1. Tap “Open” on file preview.
2. Tap the “Pencil” button.
3. Begin editing.


Ready to test out new features? Install the upgraded
4Sync for Android from Google Play!

[FEATURE] Preview archive files in 4Sync for Android!

Isn’t it awesome?

We’ve enabled the preview of archive files
in the 4Sync app for Android devices!

How it works?
1. Tap an archive file (.zip, .rar or .7zip) in your 4Sync app.
2. Tap the “Download” button on the file preview.
3. Tap “Open archive”.


Try out the new feature yourself –
install the updated 4Sync for Android from Google Play!


Happy Easter Weekend from 4Sync!

NEW! Introducing Short Links at 4Sync!


Just like you’ve asked, we’ve enabled
short links for files at 4Sync!

We’ve squeezed the long URLs into fewer characters
to make your links easier to share, post and email to your friends!

How it works?
1. On a computer, log in your 4Sync account.
2. Right-click a file and select “Share”.
3. Tick the “Shorten URL” checkbox.
4. Copy the short link and share it with others.

Unleash the Power of Short Links with 4Sync!

Happy International Women’s Day from 4Sync!

Discover “Hidden” Features in 4Sync for iOS

Did you know?
There’re a few «hidden», less noticeable features
in the 4Sync app for iOS devices!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

How to Embed Videos from 4Sync on Website

4Sync video embed

Did you know? Many video bloggers have already discovered the 4Sync benefits
for their personal needs and professional career.

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The upgraded 4Sync for Android is here!


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Merry Christmas from 4Sync!


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