Happy New Year! Get 30% OFF on 4Sync Premium

4sy_HNYpromo30premium_BLOG Hi 4Sync users! The New Year season has started here at 4Sync and we wanted to reward you with our New Year give-away! Save up to 30% OFF on 4Sync Premium membership plan. Just share the news in your Social Network: Share the news on Facebook


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Everybody who shares the news will receive 30% OFF coupon. Moreover, you have a chance to win 100GB for 3 months or become the luckiest one to be the owner of 1TB for the whole year. The winners will be chosen by random.org. and announced on 10 January, 2014 on 4Sync blog. Happy Holidays! The 4Sync Team

Video Tutorial: How to use 4Sync Music Player

You can read step-by-step tutorial here: How to use 4Sync Music Player

4Sync – An Exceptional In-class Solution

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4Sync: An Exceptional In-class Solution

Whenever I talk about 4Sync to buddies and classmates, I often receive one of two reactions–a determining grin and affirmation, or a puzzled and skeptical look. Regardless if you recognize the program, most people have more than likely got wind of the name. But seriously, how does 4Sync actually help college students?

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4Sync for Android updated!

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Woo-Hoo. We are proud to present 4Sync for Android 2.4.0 features: sorting, camera uload updates, storage space viewer and many others! Development team took into consideration all your suggestions and here we are with a shiny and smart app for all our fans.
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Save screenshots to 4Sync


There are lots of apps that can help you to snap an image but are they convenient enough for you? 4Sync offers you to save and share screenshots in one click and store them online. Continue reading →

4Sync folders. Video tutorial

Welcome to 4sync brand-new sharing popup interface. Now it’s even more convenient and easy!

Let’s have a look at folders icons. What do they mean?
1) Yellow folder means that the folder is private. Nobody but you can access it.
2) Blue folder with “Earth” icon on it means that a folder has a public access and anyone with a link can access it.
3) Blue folder with “people” icon means that a folder has a public access + you’ve shared it with certain friends.
4) Yellow folder with “people” icon. It means that the folder is private + you you’ve shared it with certain friends. You can edit this folder as you wish, but those who have an access to it can only view or upoad&edit it depending on settings you’ve applied.

And, as you might have noticed there’re only two active statuses of folders: Public Access and Private Access.

That’s it!

4Sync ☁ 4People

4Sync folder privacy settings

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Sharing system of 4Sync folders is designed so you could share files with friends quickly and easy. But at the same time you can set privacy settings for your confidential folders and noone except you will be able to access them.
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How to use 4Sync Music Player

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Let’s have a deep look how to create your own playlist on 4Sync and manage it.
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Video tutorial how to upload/download files on 4Sync

4Sync team has prepared a tutorial for you! This video is the best tutorial for you to learn how to manage your files within 4Sync account. Find out several ways to upload and download files. Share this link with friends to make their life easier too!

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4Sync ☁ 4People

4Sync online playlist, photo rotator, documents preview and even more

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Today 4Sync is ready to present you something really special. We have improved the images rotation and text documents preview. From now it’ll be much easier for you to find files in your account. We also added a 4Sync music player that should become your indispensable online tool. We hope that you’ll find our changes time-saving, entertaining and easy-to-use.
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