Within the last few years cloud storage service shot up to one of the most quickly growing IT-market segments.

Some day we will cease to store data on HDD. All information will be in a “cloud” and accessible from any web-connected PC or device. Music, video, documents and other files will be uploaded on a hard disk only if necessary. And such “cloud” future is not so far as it seems to be. 4Sync serves to change people’s attitude to backup and sync services.

We already told to you that with 4sync you can store everything:

1. Movies and videos

2. Music collections 

3. Portable soft 

4. Business files and collaborative documents 

5. Online library 

It is a very wide variety, for sure. But what if you want to upload as much files as possible? It would be perfect to store your movies/music collection in one place so that files can be always at hand.  Let’s look through different data-storage options.

Classic variant of data-storage: HDD, flash-drives and DVD-s

    1. HDD

      Data can be accidentally deleted, damaged by a virus or a hard disk failure. Files can become corrupted and there is always a possibility of motherboards malfunction. So many ufortunate chances taking our precious data with them.

    1. Flash-drives

      Of course it is possible to store all your data on usb-drives. But! First of all they cost a pretty penny ($20-30 ). Second, you have to spend many hours in order to upload all gigabytes of data from HDD to the flash-drives. And the last con is that they can be easily lost or stolen.

  1. DVD-s

    DVD disks, as well as compact cassettes, are out of fashion nowadays. And it’s won’t be cheaper than flash-drives. To backup 100GB of files one has to buy 24 blank DVD-s. And one more thing, just imagine how much free space in your room they may take!


Storing with 4Sync

4sync provides you with 15GB of free space. But this is not enough to upload 30-40 movies, programs, photo archives and documents to your storage. So what’s to be done?

4sync Premium account is an answer to all your questions. It can facilitate your life as much as possible. 4Sync suggests transferring almost all your data to the “cloud”. At least, those files which we are used to store on flash drives and disks (films, photos, music etc). 100GB of storage space only for $6.50/m. It is quite enough to place all necessary data and don’t bother about free space.

So, if you want to know the score, you may visit 4Sync Premium page.

And remember – it’s up to you to decide which one to choose.

Read our blog. Stay with 4Sync. Bye!