New 4Sync Promo-Video

The team at 4sync consists of the professionals who continuously work on improving 4Sync application and website to make it convenient and user friendly. That’s why we would like to inform you about some changes.
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9 Typical File Storage Mistakes

We store so many important files on our computers, while constantly wondering what will happen if suddenly one day they all disappear.
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E-books and 4Sync

In the beginning e-book readers were just a concept. Today, most of us use e-readers on daily basis. A
small e-reader, sometimes as thin as a page in a book has a library filled with thousands of books. But,
it’s nearly impossible to read that many books in your lifetime.
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4Sync Premium Offers 100GB of Storage space

Within the last few years cloud storage service shot up to one of the most quickly growing IT-market segments.
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4Sync and Google Plus. Friends with Benefits

Hello, dear subscribers and users of a 4Sync cloud storage! We continue to master new trends of the Internet network. Today you can find a lot of interesting info about 4Sync on the newly launched Google service.
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4Sync joined 20 Most Popular Downloads on

Only 25 days ago 4Sync was reviewed on but we already can see an impressive result.
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Cloud storages. Pros and Cons.

You don’t store files in a cloud yet? Perhaps, very soon those who would answer negatively to this question can be at risk of being in minority.
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4Sync became the most downloaded cloud storage and overtook Dropbox

Dear 4Sync users! We are happy to share with you some good news. 4Sync becomes more and more popular among users.
The statistics of downloading for the last week on a can be a serious affirmation of these words. published the list titled:
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4Sync review by Softonic

Dear 4syncers! We are happy to inform you that a well-known and respected website wrote a wonderful 4Sync review.

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4sync mobile apps are perfect for backup!

4sync will make your life even easier than you can imagine!
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