4Sync is recognized as “100% Clean” app by Softpedia!

Great news about 4Sync!

Softpedia, the free downloads encyclopedia, awarded 4Sync with a “100% Clean” title and recognized that 4Sync is absolutely free from any malware.
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Broaden your mind borders with 4Sync

Syncing apps changed our attitude to many problems. So, we decided to research how we reacted on some problems earlier and we do that now.
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The advantages of using 4Sync!

A lot of users start understanding all the benefits of using an app just after they have already installed and started using it. Sometimes they need much time to be persuaded in necessity of using it. So, we decided to sum up all the advantages of data syncing with 4Sync.
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Meet new 4Sync v.1.0.2!

Dear 4Syncers!

Meet the new updated 4Sync v.1.0.2. More convenient for newbies, more shareable, and that’s not all… Read more for the details.
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Join 4Sync on Facebook!

Visit 4Sync on Facebook!
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4Sync is a Perfect Cloud Storage for Parents

Everyone has a family.
Children can cope with computers better than parents. But each mom or dad tries not to stand behind and master Internet space. How to improve communication with your family using 4 Sync? If you don’t use 4Sync, these easy tricks might persuade you to download 4Sync, which you can do here.
So, what is necessary for you to do?
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5 new Ideas How to Use 4Sync

Hey there! You think that you know all possible ways how to use 4Sync? Believe me, you are sooo wrong! There are gazillions of variants. Here I’m going to show you 5 more ways to advantage 4Sync service. I hope that you will enjoy them and … well … to be honest I hope you will actually use them!
Ready? Ok let’s go…
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Get rid of viruses – use 4Sync!

Statistics says that most of viruses which appear at our computers are brought there by portable storage devices. Harmful files are most likely to be transmitted by USB flash cards which we use so often. However, there is one solution to this problem – use 4Sync.
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Meet 4Sync at Twitter

For all Twitter-admirers! Now you can follow news and updates of your favourite 4Sync app at its Twitter-page! Read more for details.
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4Sync for travelers

You like to travel? You like everything to be perfect and prepared in advance? You excited to share traveling photos and impressions? Or maybe it is necessary for you to stay in sync with work in your trip? With 4Sync everything is possible! If you plan to travel with comfort, our article is for you.
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