Time-management with 4Sync

4Sync can help you to manage your time. Throughout this post I’ll try to tell about strategies for making the most efficient use of your time with 4Sync.
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How to back up files with 4Sync?

4Sync is one of the most useful apps at your computer. It allows you to back up files without even thinking about that. See, how it’s easy.
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Create your own library with 4sync

This article was written specially for those who love to read and share impressions about books with everybody.
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5 most incredible 4Sync uses!

Here is the top five of 4Sync uses which impressed us most of all!
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5 most frequent 4Sync uses

We’ve asked our users for what purposes they explore 4sync most often and get 5 most frequent answers in our survey.
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Why is it important to sync your files?

Heyyy… Almost everyone more and more speaks about the importance of files’ syncing. However, their arguments either scientific or taken from their own experience often don’t seem to be rather persuasive. See what we think.
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Photo vs. Digital Image

The digital industry moved forward considerably. There are flash cards instead of films in the camera. Even a kid can make pictures and look through them. It became rather difficult to find a person who actually prints photos. For past three years people keep images «only on the hard disk». A small percentage of photographers print them and mostly they are pros who are compelled to do that.
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4Sync and… the languages

How many languages do you speak?
1, 2, 3, 5… 4sync speaks 18… and that’s not all… We’re expanding our multilinguality.
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4Sync Functions

Let’s look through 4sync functions. I’ll tell how to use and advantage them.
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4Sync Manual

What is 4Sync?

4Sync is an application that helps you  to keep updated copies of  files, folders, music or pictures in the online storage. 4Sync is very easy to use. 4Sync could be used as a simple backup tool.  Plus it can be used to keep an identical set of working files in two or more locations.  An example of this would be keeping current versions of the same data files on both your home computer and office computer.

So, you want to start using 4sync, but you don’t know how?
Now I will tell and show everything. The algorithm is extremely simple:
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